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Singing Has Many Benefits

Many people think singing is just a way to pass time while listining to the radio or a way to become rich and famous. That is only two ways that singing can benefit you. Singing is a pleasurable experience for all no matter what your skill level is. Some benefits of singing are relaxation and happiness. No matter who you are relaxation and happiness are two of the great benefits that you receive from singing. The benefits of singing for pleasure can be seen in many places from singing in the shower, hair brush, blow dryer, churches or a karaoke bar. Singing brings people together in a very unique way.

No matter how you choose to do it, there's evidence that any singing in your life is a good thing. Though you're probably not consciously aware of it when you're singing into your hair dryer, but singing delivers a host of physical and emotional benefits including increased heart rate and improved breathing, lung capacity, posture and mood. And while singing alone is good, singing with others can be so much better.

Another benefit of singing is that it's an excellent stress reliever as well as confidence booster. There is something truly liberating about finding the power within one’s natural vocal abilities and sharing it with an appreciative audience. The admiration people with majestic and angelic voices draw from others adds to the performer’s self-esteem.

Clearly people, many people get a great deal of benefit and personal fulfillment without ever taking a vocal lesson. However, we believe that virtually everyone can benefit from quality vocal instruction regardless of their experience level or how much success they have in using their voice.

Confidence and having faith in oneself are the best combinations for success. More importantly, the freedom for your children to express themselves through music is an effective way for them to make a positive impact in the world. Children of this generation are the leaders of tomorrow, and have to power to change the world for the better through their talents and skills.

One of the important benefits of vocal lessons is learning how to control and enhance the quality of your voice. You will also be taught to hear different pitches, which are sometimes the downfall of some singers. The professional singer does not rely on just their ability to belt out incredibly high notes. They try to touch the audiences hearts with their voices.


The Physical Benefits Of Singing

  • Singing releases endorphins into your system that make you feel energized and reduce pain
  • Singing reduces heart rate and decreases blood pressure
  • Singing tones abdominal and intercostal muscles and the diaphragm and stimulates circulation
  • Singing requires deeper breathing, singers take in more oxygen, improve aerobic capacity and release muscle tension
  • Singing improves posture and tones facial muscles
  • Singing boosts the immune system, helping to fight disease and prolonging life expectancy
  • Singing improves mood, releases stress and improves sleep
  • Singing can help reduce anger and depression and anxiety
  • Singing strengthens concentration and memory
  • Singing broadens expressive communication
  • Singing is an ageless enjoyment – you are never too young or too old to sing
  • Singing is therapeutic, both physically and emotionally

The Social Benefits Of Singing

  • Singing enables you to meet more people
  • Singing Is a forum for sharing
  • Singing Brings people together and encourages a sense of community
  • Singing Offers opportunity for giving and receiving positive feedback
  • Singing forum for fun & laughter
  • Singing Provides a safe environment to try new skills
  • Singing enables the performer to delve into characterization/acting


If you are singing regularly then your vocal cords should be treated with respect. By having vocal lessons it will give you a better understanding of how to use your voice correctly. Vicki can show you the correct method as to where you dont strain the vocal cords or wear them out. Breathing control is also part of vocal instruction, therefore should you suffer from breathing difficulties, lessons can be an awesome way to improve your breathing. Vocal health is paramount to any singer. If you are hoping to work as a professional singer, it is even more important, if you lose your voice, you not only lose you passion, but you lose your job!!!




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