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Our Vocal Tips And Advice



  • Drink plenty of water (sip throughout the day) and get into the routine of using a steam inhaler daily
  • Become more aware of how much effort you are placing on your voice when speaking and singing. There are some very simple awareness exercises and vocal techniques to help turn the effort levels down at laryngeal level
  • Professional voice users should allow themselves voice rest at every possible opportunity
  • Get your mind and body in good shape. A lifestyle of late nights, drinking, smoking, STRESS, poor diet, lack of exercise will usually be detrimental to the voice. Get to know your own body and voice. What does and what doesn't work for you
  • Healthy voicing requires energy and physical engagement. If you're feeling tired, unwell or upset, your voice is likely to feel the effect
  • Warm up and cool down the voice before and after singing. I can give you a great 5 minute routine to wake up the body and the voice before singing
  • Singing should always feel comfortable. If something hurts you are doing something wrong. Trust your bodies feedback


  • Warm-up and cool-down before and after singing
  • Vocal conditioning will dictate the amount one can safely sing each day
  • Loud, long, and high range singing is the most strenuous on the vocal folds
  • Avoid throat clearing. Swallow hard or sip water instead
  • On a performance day, save your voice for the performance. Avoid long prolonged loud speaking/singing
  • Cough as gently as possible
  • Avoid talking in crowds. Speak into the noise rather than trying to talk over the noise
  • Avoid taking aspirin and NSAID medications (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs)


  • The speaking voice is lower in pitch or has a hoarse quality
  • Pitch or phonation breaks in the speaking range or singing voice
  • Tickle or chocking sensation while speaking/singing
  • Loss of notes or a "hole" in your range
  • Pain while vocalizing
  • Inability to sing softly on your highest notes
  • Sudden change in voice quality while singing
  • Continued hoarseness or difficulty singing in a clear voice after forty-eight hours of vocal rest



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