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How Our Singing Lessons Work

If it's your first lesson, we will start by talking about you. I want to know why your interested in a singing lesson, your goals, any previous history with singing, any vocal health issues you are aware of. I will then listen to your voice on a simple scale, going up in pitch through your range. Here I will be listening out for specific characteristics of your voice: strengths and weaknesses, making note of any areas we need to work on. Then I will give you some vocal exercises to start your training, depending on what I hear in your voice. We will talk through this whole process and I will stop to explain anytime you need. We will discuss vocal anatomy and the different registers of the voice, and how to transition between them.


Most important, how to be in control and navigate your own voice!!!


What would a singing lesson be without the singing? About half way through the singing lesson. we will choose a song to work on together. I will help you apply the techniques you are learning about. We will make sure any challenging notes are worked on. I have software and equiptment that enables me to speed up/slow down the song, change the pitch and turn down the volume of the lead vocal, so we can play with the song and tailor it to your needs.

Every voice is unique, so each of my students has a program tailored to their specific needs. However, I believe there are four elements that are the most important to learn in order to properly sing. They are

  • Strengthening the breathing muscles and proper breathing control
  • Creating clear and pure sounds
  • Increasing the vocal range
  • Resonating and toning the voice


I will teach you how to relax and breathe properly as well as working to increase their capacity and control.
While it is a lot of fun singing in a favorite singers style, it's very important in the beginning for us to discover the students true voice.

We work on producing natural, pure sounds so you can get more comfortable and familiar with your own voice. You are taught how to project your voice and increase your vocal range in both directions. We work on both the chest and the head voice and the blend between them.

We then go on to developing resonance and tone in the voice. Students are taught to direct their voices to the resonance chambers in the body and to reduce dull and muffled tones. This is the key to an individual sound and is also the most important way to preserve the voice.

I encourage and teach my students to learn basic pieces on piano and guitar, so they can sing, play and write simple songs. They are encouraged to learn other musical genres.

Taking a private singing lesson with Vicki Lee doesn’t just mean training your voice, but also your mind and body with each song that you learn. The emotions in each song needs to be portrayed with the lyrics you sing otherwise you may sound flat and lifeless.


Improve And Be In Control

  • Sing With Confidence
  • Increase Range & Power
  • Bridge Chest/Head Gap
  • Eliminate Strain
  • Perfect Your Style
  • Learn Stage Presence




Phone - (904) 438-4113 - Email - vicki@jacksonvillevocallessons.com

We offer both one-on-one instruction and group lessons. Lesson lengths are 1 hour.

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