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Online Voice Lessons -via- skype

Many people have been asking, and finally technology has made it possible for us to offer singing voice lessons remotely via Skype. We can cover the same amount of material online as we do in our live lessons. Our rates are the same for both online and in-studio lessons. We offer a free initial consultation via Skype before we begin working together.

In a word, Awesome!!! Skype has revolutionized communication around the world. SKYPE is the perfect way for individuals to work with a quality vocal coach that would otherwise cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars traveling to see "face-to-face." SKYPE will put you face-to-face with Vocal Coach Vicki Lee without ever leaving your home.

You can improve your range, strength and endurance and choose the songs you want to sing – your own original music or cover songs. You will be totally amazed as how effective these online Skype lessons really are. I know I was amazed when I first started offering online voice lessons. So I’m very excited to provide this service to you.

You can study from the comfort of your home with popular voice teacher and vocalist Vicki Lee. Learn how sing at your own pace in your comfort zone.

You don't have to be a computer whiz to figure it out either. Visit SKYPE.com for more info about the software and how to install it.


Technical Requirements for Voice Lessons via Skype online:

  • Computer
  • Webcam And Microphone
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • Skype Software ( Free Download )

Click here to download Skype FREE


Studio 105 Recording is dedicated to serving those just like you who want to take voice lessons, but don’t really have a lot of time or money to devote to it. If you have a computer, webcam and microphone, our vocal coach Vicki Lee can teach you via Skype in the comfort or your own home! No driving, no traffic, just log on to your FREE Skype account and away you go.


How Skype Singing Lessons Work

1. You register for a consultation/evaluation session with Vicki where you will meet via Skype, prepay for your vocal lessons and set up a lesson schedule. ( Rates Are The Same As For “ In-Studio ” Lessons). Download the Student Registration Form Below.


Fill out the Student Regristration Form and mail it to: Studio 105 Recording , 8570 Rampart Rd, Jacksonville Florida 32244


Prior to our scheduled Skype singing lesson, we need to add ourselves to each other’s “Contact List" using our Skype user names. Once you’ve downloaded Skype, go to 'Contacts' at the top of your screen, then go to 'Add a Contact', then put in Studio 105, you'll see me come up on the list, then add me. You’ll see that my Skype name is " studio105 ". Then you'll be directed to send me a message which says "Please allow me to see when you are online" It's that easy.

Prior to the start of our lesson, make sure you quit all unnecessary applications on your computer. If you don’t have a built-in microphone on your computer, you’ll need to use a USB microphone. Otherwise the built-in microphone will work just fine. Set your Sound Input in your System Preferences to ‘built-in microphone’ or ‘USB microphone’.

At the specified time of our voice lesson, I will ‘invite’ you to join me using the Skype program. Make sure your Skype application is open and that your volume is up.

Let's start singing!




Phone - (904) 438-4113 - Email - vicki@jacksonvillevocallessons.com

We offer both one-on-one instruction and group lessons. Lesson lengths are 1 hour.

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