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Vicki Lee's Vocal Students

One thing Vicki Lee loves is working with inspired singers to help them improve their talents. Be sure to check out pictures of Vicki's students below. Improve your singing with personal vocal lessons from well-known vocal coach Vicki Lee.


Alyssa Andrus & Vicki Lee
Alyssa Andrus
Lorianne Martin & Vicki Lee
Lorianne Martin


Ann-Elisha Cauthen with Vicki Lee
Ann-Elisha Cauthen
Bill Suggs & Vicki Lee
Bill Suggs


Charles Menke & Vicki Lee
Charles Menke
Kim Barnette & Vicki Lee
Kim Barnett


Kailah Fessler & Vicki Lee
Kailah Fessler
Lexie Stroud & Vicki Lee
Lexie Stroud


Georgia Weeks & Vicki Lee
Georgia Weeks
Wayne Shewchuk & Vicki Lee
Wayne Shewchuk

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